Slippin' and Slidin'

Jun 27 2011 - 5:04pm

Well, one half of the road course component this season is behind us, and I think we now know that they are a vital--and entertaining--aspect of the sport as we know it.

Gotta love the fact that they go out and race at Sonoma, in cars that aren't really built to do it, and still manage to find all manner of trouble to get into.

Can't wait, personally, for Watkins Glen, though I agree with Tony Stewart in that they should use the long course instead of the wimpy short course, which is a glorified oval with all right turns...or mostly, right turns.

Having driven the course in both configurations, I like the Boot section because it presents another couple of passing areas, it adds a bit to the distance of a lap and it means they have to by-God drive a little harder.

NEWS of the Day:

Some of the stuff I'm hearing on the financial side of NASCAR is not good for the future. At least two other primary sponsors other than Red Bull are poised to hit the bricks out of the sport, not to another team, and at least one of the companies with significant participation in the sport from a commercial aspect are lined up to do the same.

In short, some of the money is leaving, and the cupboard is for all intents and purposes, a bit bare.

These are not mom-and-pop sponsors. They are sponsors you see every day in NASCAR, stores you visit, products you use. It's getting tight on the commercial side and that means somebody has to foot the bills. It's not going to be anybody in least not outwardly.

The teams are going to have to back it down some, make do with a single team plane and sharing a helicopter. I jest, but you get the point.

When the TV deal comes due, we're going to see exactly how much it's gonna hurt.