Next Generation car unveil

Jun 1 2021 - 1:54pm

During the beginning of May, the Next Gen car was unveiled to the public.  This has been long awaited since the pandemic pushed this unveiling back a little bit. The Next Gen car is a collaboration of the brightest engineering minds in racing, with contributions coming from all sides of the NASCAR and automotive industries.  

In the 1960s, the old phrase was “win on Sunday, sell on Monday.”  The design of the Next Gen car brings back the look of the ‘stock car’ to NASCAR.   The Next Gen car has given manufacturers greater latitude to incorporate features into the race car body that better replicate the look and feel of the street car. A sleek new design has lowered the greenhouse, shortened the deck lid and widened the track width of the car giving it more of a coupe look. The body is fully symmetrical which will reduce aerodynamic forces and put an emphasis back on race car setup and driver control. The new composite material is more durable and will allow more beating and banging without loss of performance.  New 18" forged aluminum wheels and wider Goodyear tires better replicate what is found on passenger cars and will allow for softer tire compounds.

Not only the look of the Next Gen car is different.  Upgraded specs to match modern passenger vehicle technology including independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering and larger brakes. A new transaxle combines the transmission and rear gears into one package with an eye on the future - the ability to incorporate electrification.  The bottom of the car is sealed with an underwing and rear diffuser which will help with handling in traffic and reduce "dirty air." Hood louvers will allow teams to maximize engine performance independent of aerodynamics.A redesigned chassis features new front and rear bumpers for increased safety. Both the front and rear clips bolt on to the center section for easier serviceability and damage repair.  Upgraded car connectivity will allow for an in-car camera in every vehicle, with the ability to bring fans more real-time data in the future.  

When does this hit the track?
Daytona 500 - 2022