Kentucky Thoughts

Jul 11 2011 - 5:11pm

In the aftermath of a Big Dig-like traffic jam that ruined the inauguration of Kentucky Speedway as a NASCAR Sprint Cup Series venue, I offer the following:

1. First one to build a gas station as close to the track as possible wins!

2. They knew this was coming days ahead of time; couldn't fix stupid.

3. You don't think Bruton wants help from the state for roads/exits, do you?

4. If he doesn't get what he wants, will he threaten to move the track like he did Charlotte?

5. Will anybody come back in '12?

6. You bet they will...just not the 20,000 or so that got hosed.

7. A sign labeled, "The firings will continue until traffic improves" has already been printed.

8. Bruton is old enough and smart enough not to have lipped off the way he did after the race. He stepped in it...big-time.

9. Some track functionary is going home today after being asked, "how have you liked your job at KMS...not counting tomorrow?"

10. Traffic is a given at a NASCAR race. One road in also means one road out, and somebody should have had a GPS handy.