Car Covers

Sep 1 2018 - 11:29am

Full Car Cover:

This cover offers maximum protection against all weather conditions. It excels in regard to UV protection and waterproofing. The material is a special woven 300 denier polyester fabric that is coated with a thick, silver highly reflective and waterproof urethane layer on the outside. There is a super soft cotton like inner lining to make sure nothing but the best is touching your vehicles finish. This cover will not only keep your car cooler and dryer but it will preserve the interior and the all important paint job from fading. These covers have double stitched seams for maximum durability and the front and rear hems are elasticized to help ensure a tight fit. Preinstalled grommets have been added to the driver and passenger side of the cover to help keep it in place during high winds. Comes with a free cable lock, storage bag and One Year Warranty.

Top Half Car Cover:

The Top Half Car Cover is a unique cover that fits around only the top half of the car.
It is made from a high grade 210 denier polyester material that is UV resistant, heat reflective and is made for ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS! It'll keep your car's interior cool in the summer which means no more burning your thighs on hot leather! During rainy months, watch water bead up and roll right off the cover making sure the cabin stays nice and dry. Finally, in winter it prevents ice and snow from accumulating on the glass areas of the car's cabin. This means no more scraping your windshield! Just remove the cover and go. Also included is a sewn in storage bag for when not in use. ** You may cut small slits above the hem for side view mirrors if you find it helpful. This can help to better secure the cover during high winds. One Year Warranty!