About VIP Events

Below are descriptions of our most common VIP Experiences for ONMC members and the information you need to know to fully enjoy them. Remember, you can only sign up for one VIP event per race per member. If we have open spots we will do our best to accommodate you at the race:

Garage Tours:

A garage tour consists of a 35-40 minute guided tour of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series garage area. This is an extremely exclusive area of the racetrack and the following rules are in place to ensure a positive experience on your tour:

  • Dress code: There are currently no dress code restrictions.
  • Stay with your group - make sure you stay with your group leader to ensure that track security officers know you are a NASCAR Member.
  • No Autographs - we are literally in the office of the drivers; please let them work!

Cameras are encouraged and are great way to remember your event!


Driver Introductions:

The Driver Introduction stage event is typically offered for the NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World Truck Series races. During pre-race ceremonies the entire starting field is introduced.

Drivers will walk across the stage and down to their parade-lap vehicles around the race track. Members will often have the opportunity to slap hands with their favorite driver or take pictures. This is the best chance to get close to the drivers.

Pictures are encouraged, but there are absolutely no autographs allowed during this event.

After the polesitter is introduced, ONMC Members will enter the grandstand through the main gate and you can enjoy watching the race from your seats.


Click here to access the VIP Reservation System! Through the reservation system you will be able to sign up for exciting events offered exclusively through the ONMC at a NASCAR race near you!