A Great Kickoff to the Season in Daytona!

Feb 20 2018 - 12:17pm

Always great to see everyone in Daytona! These are just a few of the photos from the unforgettable moments in Daytona from February 15 - 18. 

Mike D. and his daughter, Cheyenne were lucky to experience the Ultimate VIP Experience in Daytona featuring: a pace car ride, attending the driver's meeting, and joining the winner in Victory Lane.  Both of them were also together at the Daytona 500 20 years ago, when Dale Sr. had his iconic win. 

This is the story of their experience: 

 "The morning started early, with a pace car ride around the track. You cannot tell on tv, or even from the stands, just how steep the turns are.  All the surroundings are a blur, it's just unforgiving pavement and a hyper odometer. Our driver was no-nonsense, getting us around in the blink of an eye and our day never slowed down after. 

Our itinerary led us around the speedway, running through crowds of equally excited people. Where they couldn't all go,  however, was down the red carpet to the driver's meeting. Celebrities, crews, and drivers gathered for one last briefing of technicalities and we were able to be a part of the behind-the-scenes action. 

It seems like just yesterday Cheyenne was riding around on my shoulders and we were waving at Dale Earnhardt. Now, almost 21 years later, it all still feels the same. Passing the garages you can smell rubber and oil, from the stands you can still feel the comradery as the flyover starts the race, and if you pay attention, everyone still holds their breath as the first car starts to slide and cause a wreck. The race had us on our feet as one big name after another retired to the garages early. 

Victory lane no scene for the tired. For the number 3 team, the night was just beginning. Families of the crew crowded around to celebrate the win and honor the 20 years since the car first made its way with a checkered flag. It was a well-earned win, as one of the few drivers to escape unscathed from the relentless wrecks. 

Overall, we left sunburnt, exhausted, and spirited, like every NASCAR fan should. Thank you for the opportunity to reminisce about years of races and years to come. "

Up Next, the ONMC VIP Team will be in Dover, DE at the Monster Mile from May 4-6.
Sign-ups for Garage Tours and Driver Introductions will start at April 23rd at 12 pm EST. 

We can't wait to see everyone in Dover!